From Small Beginnings to International Recognition and Partnerships

Industrial Research Technology was founded in 1989 to provide technically advanced testing equipment to the automotive and related industries. Early in the development of the company, IRT specialised in pressure testing systems. This included pressure actuated brake testing equipment and pressure leak testers.

IRT built up expertise in mechanical and fluid power design and LabVIEW programming.  With a growing reputation for developing more sophisticated technology, IRT commenced building automotive brake testing systems.  These were sold in Australia and the USA, and led to IRT’s 1840C Brake Calliper Characterisation System, becoming Ford Motor Company’s global standard for calliper residual drag measurement.

In 2004 IRT was appointed the Australian and New Zealand sole distributor for the world leading leak testing company Cosmo Instruments of Japan. Cosmo is highly recognized as a global supplier with Toyota Motor Corporation being an important customer.

IRT now uses its vast experience in pressure testing to supply Cosmo Instruments leak testers to a wide array of industries including electronics, pharmaceutical, medical and automotive.

IRT’s 184C Brake Calliper Characterisation System

IRT’s 1840C Brake Calliper Characterisation System

Meet The Founder

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Customer satisfaction has always been in the forefront of our culture at IRT. I have had over 30 years’ experience in machine design and product development. My vision for IRT is straightforward and has remained constant from when I founded the company in 1989. To supply high quality, technically advanced testing systems for manufacturing industries, our products must meet the highest of customer expectations and adhere to IRT’s design culture of form and function. Support for our systems is paramount, we understand the pressure manufacturers are working under, and we are here to stand side by side with customers in times of need.

Some of Our Pressure Leak Testers

Cosmo Instruments has a large product range and their leak tester’s many features. There are different types of leak testers that allow for leak testing to be applied to many industries.

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