Project Description

The Ideal Tester for Water-Proof Products

LS-R900 - DP Air Leak Tester High-Performance Standard Type
  • Smart Phones

  • Electronic Housings

  • IP Rated Housings

  • LED Lighting

  • Consumer Products

  • Medical Device Cartridge

  • Injection Moulded Parts

  • Housings

  • Bio-Tech Components

  • Electronic Components

This tester is ideal to test Water-proof components or finished products which require an IP rating or may other sealed products. The LS-R740 has a large array of features, including a colour touch screen and an intuitive user interface.

The product to be tested is placed in a capsule and the volume in between the product and the capsule is pressurised. The LS-R740 measures the pressure change within the volume caused by leak flowing into the product. With this pressure leak tester, a dry, fast air leak can be performed to simulate an IP rating test.

Features of the LS-R740:

  • Comes in 2 modules so that sensor can be place vey close to the part under test.

  • Can test very small components


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