From May the 14th to the 19th, Industrial Research Technology was exhibiting at the National Manufacturing Week Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, exhibiting Cosmo Instruments’ leak testing equipment from Japan and our system integration services.

We were very pleased to see that there are many companies manufacturing products in Australia, which included complex medical devices, valves and castings.

IRT is dedicated to supporting manufacturers in Australia to provide quality products to the world.

Thanks to everyone who supported us and visited our stand.

Industrial Research Technology at NMW19

  • The IRT team were able to demonstrate the fine tolerances of Cosmos Leak Testers with demonstration masters providing visual evidence of the calibrated leaks and the speed identifying the leak
  • Inquiries came from businesses that were currently using water submersion to identify leaks through Leak Testers that had analogue dials, to new production lines requiring fine assessments. Some discussions were around extremely fine outcomes delivered by Helium technology that is part of the Cosmo range
  • Two technologies were demonstrated; leak testing for pressurised products leak testing for sealed products. An example of a sealed product is an IP rated electronic enclosure
  • Customers were from all parts of Australia including; major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, regional WA, Queensland and Victoria. Businesses ranged from small operations to global companies with high volume production lines

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