IRT Managing Director Alberto Gerosolimo completes sealed component leak tester training at Cosmo Instruments Tokyo, Japan.

Many products are designed to be sealed from the outside atmosphere and require leak testing during manufacture.

Some products are designed to be sealed against foreign body and moisture ingress, for example IP rated electronics such as; smart phones, outdoor lighting and other outdoor electronics, other products are designed to be sealed to stop spoilage or contamination for example; food, medical and pharmaceutical products.

Sealed Product Tester Training - Industrial Research Technology

Alberto Gerosolimo, the managing director of Industrial Research Technology, recently completed training at Cosmo Instruments’, Hachioji head office in Tokyo, Japan. Cosmo has a number of specialised leak testers for sealed components.

The training covered the application of Cosmo’s LS-R740 range of sealed component leak testers.

This included; features of the range, design of component fixtures for sealed testing and configuration of test parameters for applications.

The tested product is placed in a capsule and the capsule is sealed. The volume in between the capsule and the product in it is pressurised. The system is allowed to stabilise and then Cosmo’s LS-R740 monitors any pressure change in the pressurised volume. A pressure change indicates a leakage in the product. Cosmo’s LS-R740 can read a pressure change down to a resolution of 0.1 Pa!